Tips to visit Cayo Guillermo

Cayo Guillermo is a small island in Cuba’s gorgeous Jardines Del Rey archipelago. The mesmerizing clear shallow waters, miraculous towering sand dunes, and calm atmosphere make it a perfect holiday destination. Apart from having some of the world’s most beautiful beaches such as Playa el Paso and Playa Del Medio, just offshore lies the barrier reef that offers a stunning underwater world with a rich array of colourful marine life.

Let’s explore some of the interesting things that you must know before planning your trip to Cayo Guillermo.

Which is the best time to go to Cayo Guillermo?
The best months to visit Cayo Guillermo are during the dry season. These months are January, February, March, April, November, and December. The temperature during these months is slightly cooler than average, but the overall climate is still warm enough to enjoy the beach. From May to October are the warmest months, and the rainiest months are September and October. Lightweight clothing and beach gear are suitable year-round.

Which 5-star hotels provide the best services and amenities?
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What are the best places to visit in and around Cayo Guillermo?

  • Morón City
    This town is about 75 minutes drive from Cayo Guillermo. You can either hire a taxi or rent a car to have a short trip to the city. Its urban symbol is the sculpture of a rooster that inspires joy and hope. Morón also treasures archaeological heritage of great significance, which is exhibited in its museums. On your way to Moron, you can also visit a few other interesting places such as: Crocodile Farm, Laguna de la Leche, Laguna de la Redonda, Pueblo Holandes, and Loma de la Cunagua.
  • Ciego de Ávila City
    It is a modern city which is about 2 hour drive from Cayo Guillermo. It features colonial architecture in its historic centre. Independence Avenue is the centre of its active life. Nearby the Independence Avenue there are a few socio-cultural centres like the Teatro Principal, the José Martí Park, and the Church of San Eugenio de la Palma, the patron saint of the city. It conserves vestiges of one of the most important historical monuments of the country, “The Trocha from Júcaro to Morón”.
  • La Redonda Lagoon
    It takes a 1-hour drive to reach Le Redonda Lagoon from Cayo Guillermo. This lake has beautiful natural channels, flanked by dense vegetation. This mangrove-rimmed lake has the highest density of trout and bass in Cuba. The Laguna de la Redonda is also distinguished by the richness of its fauna and flora, and the efforts made to preserve this environment. Here, you can enjoy speed boat rides and fishing excursions.
  • Coral Reef
    At a distance of one and two nautical miles from the coast, there is an extensive coral reef considered the second most important in the world and the largest in the Western Hemisphere. It is an extraordinary attraction for underwater activities and water sports.

Sea beds
If you ever wish to witness the beauty of sea beds then this is the place for you. The sea beds have been catalogued between the rich fauna and the fabulous marine structures. These dive places are characterized by depths between 5 and 40 meters. Sea beds are the real attraction for visitors

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