What makes a hotel bed so perfect?


Getting a good nights sleep is an important part to consider when travelling. Either if you are jet lagged, stressed from your business meetings or exhausted from your tourist experience of walking around and sightseeing all day, you expect that your hotel offers you a comfortable bed to sleep in.

And what makes a hotel bed so perfect? What gives you the ultimate sleeping experience that you need when sleeping in a bed that it isn’t your own? Apparently its white bed linen. According to Huffington Post, the ideal hotel bed has to have white sheets to provide you the most blissful sleeping experience. And it makes sense since the color white is often associated with luxury – and the more luxurious you feel, the more luxuriously you will sleep!

The common choice of hotels was to use colored sheets and bedspreads that are easier to keep clean. The trend has now changed after an international hotel group tested their clients. The findings showed them  that the white was the favorite color and had a greater impact of the client’s perception of the room.

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