Why Pinterest is the social network to use if you are a Hotel


According to travel industry publications, an average of 70% of women are the travel decision makers. Pinterest is predominantly used by women too. Why are this facts important? Because if you are a Hotel having a strong presence on Pinterest will definitely help you to be in the eye of the holiday decision makers – women!

From all of the social media networks available, Pinterest is probably also the one that is most brand friendly for advertising your product since it is not an outlet that allows space made for complaints or critics – it is purely product and image to inspire the user.

According to RJ Metrics, mentioned by the Business Insider, Pinterest controls 23% of referral traffic to e-commerce sites. So it is not only a great driver for e-commerce in a friendly way to the user, it is also a very addictive social network. Data shows that 84% of the women using Pinterest are loyal and are still pinning in their fourth year of use.

But Pinterest is more than a sharing platform , it is powerful tool to inform, attract and drive traffic to your hotel’s website which may end up converting into bookings. The Business Insider describes Pinterest like an online, searchable shopping catalogue, a social version of “Google shopping”.

With the recent “Place Pins” feature it became easier to make people’s travel inspiration into reality and help Pinterest act more like a magazine. “Place pins” allows you to include extra details like the location and contact details, making it easier  for the user to explore and locate.

Tips for hotels to maximize their profiles and presence on Pinterest include not only adding images of your hotels but also of the destination itself. The more diversified is the location, the more appeal it will have to the traveler’s desire to escape. Boards showing restaurants, food, shopping districts and your specific market niches like weddings, business events are also considered pinteresting to your viewers.


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