Twitter: How can your hotel make the best of it


With the recent changes to Twitter’s design, there is a greater opportunity for visual storytelling to your hotel. Starting with the cover photo, much more similar to Facebook, you have now the chance to better display images and showcase  the greatest assets of your business.

There is also more attention to visual content as photos and videos are now more highlighted in your account. Tweets with photos have proven to be more effective and give an impressive boost. For example, according to SearchEngineWatch, including photos averaged a 35% boost in retweets, a number closely followed by videos with a 28% boost. Quotes, number and stats give 19 and 17% boost respectively and hastags give 16% boost.

Hashtags are an intense way of interaction on Twitter. People use them to search easily for common topics, share related content or keep updated on events.

Once you start using hastags for your Hotel, try to brand them. For example if you have #PhotographyWednesday for your guests, make sure you insert your hotel name, for example #MuthuHotelsPhotographyWednesday. This way you are branding your hashtag and making it easier for your followers to update on your events.

It is advisable to use one or two hashtags so that your audience doesn’t get overwhelmed by them since the space is limited to the 140 characters.

Friendliness will also help your users to engage with you and it gives a humanized tone to your business. Users will feel more comfortable replying to your queries via @reply.


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