Instagramming for Hotels


A picture is known to be worth more than a thousand words. Instagram is therefore worth a lot for a business like Hotels. With many amenities to show our clients, and future guests, it is important to make people see how great it can be to come and stay at one of our hotels.

Nowadays with widespread smartphone usage and picture sharing at its peak, Instagram is the visual platform of choice for sharing pictures and photos. Using the right hastags, hotels can build up their brand with an entire visual narrative, helping guests to connect with the hotel and engage on promoting it on to potential clients.

Hashtags are, most probably, already being used with your hotel´s name and being shared and commented even if you are not on this social network. So if you are not on Instagram, you can be missing out on this rather important feedback from your guests and not taking out the best of this promotion platform that can make a lot for your branding and help you with bookings – a popular hashtag can make you visible to many.

Instagram can also, obviously, be a great opportunity to extend your photo gallery since most smartphones have really good quality cameras. Try to ask clients to show the food from your restaurant, pool areas and everything the hotel has to offer. In return, give them a sneak peek behind the scenes – always a favorite for viewers –  and show highlights of the surroundings of your hotel or your staff. There are endless options for you to choose and make a unique portfolio for your hotel.

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