The Future of Tourism – 2015 Trends from WTM


The World Travel Market is one of the largest travel shows happening this November in London, United Kingdom. Simultaneously the Euromonitor publishes its annual travel trends for next year.

And for 2015 there are good news for the travel industry as it shows a steady growth tendency. As for what clients will be looking for you can expect a lot of technological trends, a shift from Golf to Cycling  and a search for added value offers when booking their holidays.

For example, the “poshtel” will be one of this growing trends –  a chic but cheat type of accommodation similar to a hostel but more attractive to young and older travelers that are looking for more economic travels. The poshtel displays the hostel advantages as a communal living but with added design and glamour.

Following the recent cycling trend in the US, it is expectable that this will eventually spread out converting golf fans to bike. For this bike lovers, you must prepare good bike lanes and attractive routes for them to bike on.

Fancy restaurants and meals will be taken over by local and more homely culinary experiences. According to Euromonitor, “peer-to-peer dining websites, offering not only meals but also more authentic travel experiences, are expected to follow in Airbnb’s footsteps.”

Technology and social media will also be big. Hotels are responding to guests’ online behavior by encouraging them to post photos on social media in exchange for rewards and perks.The so-called “braggies” are here to stay. Chinese WeChat is leading the expansion of messaging services from communication-only to mobile commerce and payment tools. Wearable technology like Smart Watches and Google glasses will reach its peak in 2016 so Hotel industry has time to adjust its offers and review procedures that can be enhanced by using this type of technology.

To read the full report follow this link:

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