Smartphones are the key…

Smartphones apparently are getting smarter every day. The most recent novelty on this topic is that it can replace your hotel key. So no more worries about the typical card key getting demagnetized, use your phone instead.

This technology is already being tested as well as an app that allows guests to do their check-in using their phone. The app notifies the guest when their rooms are available. Named SPG Keyless, this  app allows the guest to skip the front desk and make the best of their stay by simply using their smartphone and manage their stay.

Check the promo video below to get a glimpse of it.


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  1. We have checked in/out of Marriott several times via mobile app and it is AWESOME! We check in early and get a message, letting us know when our room is ready. Sometimes as early as 10:30am! Can’t wait to try the keyless room key soon.



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