Things that you would like to know before you visit Holland!


As you are landing at the airport and the weather is nice, you can see the entire the country because it is flat! You can also see that the pastures are divided into pieces. So always have your camera with you!  When you are at the airport and you wanted to find your transfer or the train station, it’s always good to know a few Dutch sentences.

Handy things to know: There are people inside of the airport that ask you if you want a taxi. Don’t go with them!!!!! They are illegal because they don’t hold a license for a taxi stand. Going on the bus or in the train is really easy, and cheaper!

To make your holiday easy, it’s good to know a few phrases in Dutch like:

Can I ask you something? Mag ik u wat vragen? 

Where is the toilet? Waar is het toilet?
Do you know where the trainstation is? Weet u misschien waar het treinstation is?

 Where is the baggage drop? Waar is de bagageband?

Where is the exit to the transfers?Waar is de uitgang naar de transfers?


When you reach your final destination and you need a train or other transport to reach your accommodation or when you reach the hotel where you going to stay and you need to ask where your room is or the nearest supermarket is.

There are some handy things to know:

Where are the nearest restaurants? Waar Zijn de dichtbijzijnste restaurants? 

How can I go to my room? Hoe kan ik bij mijn kamer komen?

How can I go to the city ? Hoe kom ik in de stad?

Where is the nearest supermarket? Waar is de dichtbijzijnste supermarket?


Sometimes you have to pay extra money for direct trains as they do not stop at any stations. There is a really handy mobile app, to know the time schedule for the trains.  You can use an app called 9292. It also tells you when the train is delayed. While you are waiting don’t forget to try some Dutch water! It is really nice!  

When you go to Amsterdam you can visit Het Anne Frank Huis, the shopping street (Kalverstraat), Rijksmuseum, Vondelpark, van Gogh museum and a lot more! In Leiden you can visit; Museum Volkenkunde, Corpus, Naturalis, Molenmuseum de Valk.

There are a lot of shops in the big shopping street but the shops are a much nicerin the smaller streets! If you plan to eat out you can have lunch or dinner outside the centrum as it is much cheaper! Explore the city by yourself! Don´t do tours, they are expensive and when you walk around by yourself you see much more!

In Netherlands, it’s respectful to address older people by saying “u” with “jij”.

At the restaurant we can have the conversation in dutch too using the following phrases:

Can I have the menu, please?Mag ik de menu alstublieft?

Can I have the recipe please?Mag ik de rekening alstublieft?

How can I walk to the … (shopping street)? Hoe loop ik naar de … (winkelstraat)?

Hope you will enjoy your visit!


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