How to make a lip dub?


With a lip dub, you can show the whole location in a few minutes! You can also show the people from the location and their enthusiasm! A lip dub is a short video in one or two songs. The people in the video sing a song, dance and the most important thing; they show the whole location. You can make it for business or advertising. So they know how the area looks like, or what kind of people are working in the place. The benefit of doing a lip dub is showing not just your property or product but also creating a feeling of happiness around your product and showing how happy and proud your customers and employees are! You can present the whole place as being cheerful. After editing your lip dub, you can post it on YouTube, but think about other websites like Vimeo or Facebook and Instagram too as these websites provide great exposure! How can you get a lot of people to watch your lip dub? Share it as much as you can. Think about doing a paid campaign on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and promote your lip dub, send it to all your contacts.

Planning is the most important step of making a lip dub! Without a proper plan, it is really hard to do a good job.

Here are the steps to make the perfect lip dub!

Step 1: Make a good lip dub team

Look for someone who is creative and can take good photographs / videography (you don’t have to be a professional), you will also need dancers/actors, director, editors and a lot of enthusiasm!!!

Step 2: Choose the right camera

When you make a video, be sure that the quality is good in high resolution. You also have to be sure that you don’t shake it too much while you make the video. So it is better to buy a tripod.

Step 3: Choose a right place to make the video

For example, when you want to make a lip dub in a hotel choose the right background, think about lights and decorations. Think about how people can dance in the space, what actions can be done and very important about what you are showing in the background.

Step 4: Think about a good song

This sounds easier than it is! The song does 50% of the job, it has to be catchy and a peppy song.

Step 5: Make the right path for the cameraman

Think about what is easy and what is the fastest way to manoeuvre around the dancers.

Step 6: The people have to learn the song

So they know how to playback the song and mouth it. This will also help them in formulating the dance moves easily.


Step 7: Make sure people know how to get involved

Direct communication between your core organizing team and the participants is essential. For participants who are looking to take on a larger role, let them know that there are ‘leader’ positions available, let the dancers know there is a lead dancer position.

Step 8: Promote the event!

The most important ingredient in this recipe is enthusiasm, no matter what group of people you are working with, make sure everyone is positive and energetic!

The 3 golden tips to Edit your Video!

  1. It doesn’t matter if the shot is not okay the first time! Make a lot of shots, do it differently so after that you can see which one is the best one during editing.
  2. Show your enthusiasm, when you are not enthusiastic, the participants aren´t too!
  3. Be sure that you don´t shake too much! This destroys the vibe of the whole video.

Looking for more inspiration?

As a test shot, we tried to do 3 lip dubs for our hotels and that is how we are able to give you these pointers, however, we are going to do more professional Lip Dub videos and to check them out, subscribe to our YouTube channel ´´MGM Muthu Hotels´´ and to our Facebook, Twitter pages: MGM Muthu Hotels and importantly follow us on Instagram #muthu_hotels

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Happy holidays in MGM Muthu Newton Hotel

Happy holidays in MGM Muthu Clube Praia Da Oura

Happy holidays in MGM Muthu Ben Doran Hotel

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