Tips for Flying with Kids…

Travel with kids doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. The first time you may feel a bit tiring due to the number of things to think about and planning but eventually it becomes enjoyable.

Check out some of our tips when you’re flying with young kids


Whenever possible book early or late flights

After takeoff everyone will be tired enough to have a nappy;

Book non-stop flight or longer layovers

Traveling with family is easier in non-stop flights but if this is not possible, please have in mind that getting around the airport with kids will take longer than on your own and you should ensure you’ll have enough time to get your connection flight.

Check In Online

In low cost airlines online check in is compulsory but if you’re travelling on an airline where it is not compulsory you might want to use this facility as you’ll save some extra time at airport and you can choose your seats in advance. If you’re traveling with checked luggage you can use the baggage drop counters at the airport and move immediately to security check.


Pack a hand luggage with essential items for the flight only

Be prepared to pack only the essential items for flight. You need to have in consideration that during the flight there is limitations in terms of food and entertainment for kids, so you may take an extra snack or a surprise toy.

Check out the hand luggage restrictions

As mentioned before you should only pack the essential items for the flight and you must be clearly aware of hand luggage restrictions or you may be asked to leave behind some important items for your kid. Visit the airline website for more information.

Pack a carry on baggage for the first day or two.

In the unlucky event of your checked bags are lost or delayed you can count on this stock for the first day or two until your baggage is located and delivered or you have enough time to buy extra items.

Choose their clothes properly

Bear in mind that the temperature inside the aircraft can drop dramatically and is advisable kids to use comfortable layer of clothes if possible without buttons or zips. Slip on shoes is also advisable. This will be particularly helpful to maintain them warm or cooler and in case they need to use the toilet.

Take the right Stroller

Without any doubt using the stroller at airports can be the easiest way to take your kid but ensure you’ll be using a light and practical one, so if you normally use a regular size trolley consider changing to an umbrella type stroller. If you’re traveling with more than one kid, you may consider a kid harness.

Seat kids away from the Aisle

They will not be much attempted to run around the aircraft and are protected from any injury that may be caused by the food and beverage cart.

Keep your kids hydrated


Ensure you’ll get a bottle of water (after security check) and let your kid drink water regularly. The low humidity of the cabin air can cause dehydration as well as dry nostrils.

Be calm and keep your composure


If your kid start crying and any of your fellow passengers start complaining about, don’t take it personal and avoid confrontation. Try to calm down your kid and make it feel relax. Bear in mind that you’re doing everything you can as a mother or father and is not a wise thing to do to blame a kid crying.

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