Holidays are for all…

Staying at a hotel on vacation is an experience that is intended to be positive and relaxing. Travelers dream of a stay to rest, relax, have fun and make the most of a break from the routine of everyday life.

However a hotel environment is shared by different people, with different motivations, personal tastes and ways of being. To find a balance where all guests can enjoy their stay, taking full advantage of the experience of being in a hotel, it is important that some discipline is followed. Here are some tips:

Take care of the Furniture


Handle all furniture and equipment with care as if it were yours. Any hotel expects that all the furniture and equipment is left in the conditions in which you found it. If you find that you have damaged equipment, please inform the reception immediately if you do not do so may imply that you were responsible for the damage;

Be a good neighbor

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Keep in mind the noise, especially after hours. Think that your neighbor on the other side of the wall may want to rest or enjoy a moment of relaxation that can be ruined by the high volume of your television or your screams. If you are the victim of your neighbor, inform the reception and let a staff member deal with the situation and avoid direct confrontation with the other guests;

Know what you can take with you at check out.

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Do not remove reusable equipment or amenities. It is acceptable to take with you the shampoo, the cream, the ballpoint pen or other small toiletries. Robes, towels, laundry bags, glasses and other reusable materials should be kept in the room under penalty of being charged upon departure. If you want to bring a souvenir from the hotel, ask the front desk for the merchandising items available for sale.

The Housekeeping, Remember the Housekeeping!


They are the members of staff with one of the hardest job in the hotel to ensure the well being of the guests. Make their work easier by keeping trash grouped and towels piled in the bathroom. Do not distract them with personal matters and never forget to be dressed whenever you open the door. Use the do not disturb signal if you do not want the cleaning to be done during a certain period or the room clean signal if you are absent from the room and want it to be cleaned during this period.

Wear appropriate clothing.


Some of the hotel facilities require a specific dress code, however in other areas where there are no specific rules, common sense is expected – namely not entering the hotel reception in a bathing suit.

Follow the rules and recommendations.

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Some of the facilities have specific usage and safety rules, such as swimming pools, gyms and spas. Read them carefully and follow them. These standards are designed so that all guests can make the most of the service experience safely.

Respect the other guest the way you would like to be respected.


This is applicable either in the buffet queue or entering or leaving the lifts. Avoid confrontations with other guests if you feel you are being disturbed by other members. Contact a staff member so that they can handle the situation accordingly.

Enjoy your holidays during your stay

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If you have a problem during your stay, give the benefit of doubt and try to solve it immediately with a staff member. Escalate the problem only if you feel that the problem has not been solved. Avoid running to the General Manager for minor situations. If you have experienced a negative situation, do not wait to return home to complain – remember that all hotels have as main objective your well being – if you experienced a negative experience and it can be immediately repaired this will be the best solution to enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Review your experience


At the end of your stay take a few minutes either to answer guest satisfaction survey or make a online review highlighting your experience.

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